Reboot Incoming

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We've Moved!

The webcomic I Want Moe Attention has a new location. We are now located at www.iwmacomics.com.

If you're looking to continue reading the comic from where this site left off, go here.


The Last Strip on the Blog

Well, that's it. No more strips on the blog.

Check out our new site at www.iwmacomics.com!


The Comic Is Right Here

Only one more strip until we complete the move to Comicpress!


Look Around Yourself

Only two more strips will be posted on the blog, and then all of our new strips will be on our new site.



There are only going to be three more strips posted on the blog. Then our new strips will all be on our new site.


Do the Honors, Please

Tomorrow I'm going to post a few "test strips" on our new site, as well as begin putting our older strips on there!